learning to fly again after life clips your wings


The Gift

There is a moment of expectation that precedes creation of something new. Our spirit quickens when the gift arrives but also fears the unknown: READ THE ENTIRE POST…


The Ringing of the Bells

If troubles were akin to a turbulent sea crashing upon the coastline, perhaps we could hear God’s grace through the faint tinkling in a seashell.

Though we do not hear the words we think we need, heavenly sounds resonate through our souls and reassure our hearts that He is with us.

The Open Door

When I was a new believer, I tried so hard to hit God’s mark for my life. Yet, even though I sought to depend upon His Spirit, I was more aware of my failure than of His heart. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

The Pen

Glowing Pearl

Have you ever had a hurtful situation that never goes away even though you pray? You tug on heaven’s curtain until your hands bloody and knees numb but the annoying, painful barbs just keep coming? Then as you enter despair’s threshold, you notice a faint glow.

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For those times when you feel outwitted by the shrewd…

The Pretender

When the night of life seems long…

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